Module 1: Intro to SBI Course Curriculum


This course is a culmination of resources from top permanent cosmetic artist mixed with years of on the job training. It is my esteemed pleasure to bring you into this world in a way that fosters an amazing career. In each module you will find videos, articles, and required reading from the texts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We want this program to run smooth and learning to be fun

Review of the 10 Steps to Getting your License

1) Select your start date and sign up

2) Complete the Payment Selection Form and we will invoice you according to your payment choice.

3) Turn in your Application Packet to us.

4) We send in your application and our sponsor application to the State and we receive your apprentice and our sponsor licenses. We are then ready to go!

👉YOU ARE HERE 👉 5) Your course begins. Again, 255 hours of combined at-home study, classroom days, observation days and live model work.

6) Your course is complete. We turn in your log and your certificate to you and to the State for approval. You are then released from your apprenticeship with us. You are an official graduate!

7) The State of NM will then send you a direct link to book your written State Board Test. The testing site is in Albuquerque. There is a separate charge to take the test paid directly to them.

8) You will have 3 chances to pass your test. While we do everything we can to prepare you for the test, we cannot guarantee the passing of the test. Additional study material is always available.

9) Once you pass you will then turn in your license application packet, before and after pictures, copy of your certificate and test confirmation along with your place of establishment or establishment application to the State.

10) Once approved, You are licensed!

Meet your Apprentice Sponsors:


 Shelby Hohsfield

I am an artist.  Always have been. Nothing makes me happier than creating something beautiful. Microblading is my outlet. I have been a permanent makeup artist and salon owner for over 14 years performing traditional permanent makeup. Recently, I have turned my focus to microblading. It gives the softest and most natural look possible as well as allowing me the artistic expression that makes my job so fun and rewarding. 

  • 15 years as a Permanent Makeup Artist

  • Served on the New Mexico State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists and Body Artist- (Affording me an in depth understanding of safe practices)

  • Certification with CTS&A Permanent Cosmetics, NovaLash and Premier Pigments

  • Thousands of procedures performed

  • I am an Artists- Microblading is fun!!


Cindy Kocurek


Cindy has been one of Albuquerque’s premier permanent makeup artists since 1999. She is referred by many plastic surgeons and others in the medical community with over 20,000 procedures performed.

“My job is to find the perfect cosmetics for every face including finding the perfect shape, color and style for each person. I love that my clients love their makeup!”

  • Almost 20 years as a permanent cosmetic artist

  • Certification with Premier Pigments in Dallas, TX

  • Over 2o thousand procedure performed

  • Eyeliner with perfection!


Abbey Bell

  Abbey Bell

I am a 2009 graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Animal Science, minor in Chemistry while completing all my prerequisites for Medical School. After graduating, I felt called to follow in my mom and sister’s steps and join the beauty industry full time. I have held my permanent makeup license since 2006 and Barber’s license since 2010. I absolutely love the industry and the satisfaction of making clients feel beautiful. I will use my science background to teach people the safety side of working on clientele. 

  • Years of experience in salons watching my mom, Cindy Kocurek, perform procedures

  • 8 years as hair stylist in Lorenco’s Salon

  • Extensive science background

  • Retained permanent makeup license for 10 years

About your Course

  • Where are we located- All courses are currently held at Lorenco’s Salon, 4801 Alameda Blvd, set A, Albuquerque, NM 87113.

  • What to Bring to your Course- We will provide everything you need to do your procedures during your apprenticeship, although there may be additional things you may like and other considerations. Please make sure to bring your kit every time you come as well as something to write with, take notes on, and eye where to see if necessary. We will take a short lunch each day. You are welcome to bring a lunch or snacks as we will be working fast and not taking long breaks in order to get all the information to you. You will be expected to find your models and make sure they are here when scheduled.

  • What you can expect- This is a combination of at home, classroom time, model work and observational study. In between the days you have scheduled with us you will be expected to do the required reading, homework, watch indicated videos and do the required hands on work. You will need to make the time for this and turn it in at the next scheduled day. We will work with your schedules as best as possible, but we do ask that you be respectful of our time as well. We ask that we all stick to the syllabus as best as possible, complete all the work required, have fun and learn the art of permanent cosmetics.

Texts Used in this Course

Each module will have required reading from these texts.

  • “Basic Course of Instruction”, American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, Inc, Technician Training Program (referred to as Basic of AIIC in the curriculum)

  • “Specialty Hands-on Clinic Course of Instruction”, American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, Inc, Technician Training Program (referred to as Hands-on of AIIC in the curriculum)

  • “Permanent Makeup Tips and Techniques,” Pamela Hill, RN (Referred to as PMTT in curriculum

  • “The Microblading Bible,” Corinne Asch (referred to as TMB in curriculum)


Sept 9th Class

  • August 26- 31st- Please turn in all paperwork and confirm payments. Please let us know before hand that you will be coming in and if you will be making a payment so we may be prepared with someone there to help you.

  • September 9th- All paperwork into the State.

  • Sept 12th and 13th- Orientation and Observation with Cindy

    • 12th, 10-4- Orientation and review of the schedule at 10 o’clock

      ➡️ Homework:

      • Reading- Basic of AIIC, pages 2 & 3

      • PMTT, pages 1-3, 13-18 and Chapter 6

    • 13th, 11:30-5- Observation with Cindy

      ➡️ Homework:

      • Reading General History of Tattooing- Basic of AIIC, pages 4-8 and PMTT, pages 4-12

      • Reading Safety & Sanitation- Basic of AIIC, pages 9-12 and TMB, Chapter 4

      • Reading General Equipment- Basic AIIC, pages 89-92 and PMTT, pages 89-114

      • Reading Standards and Business- Hands on AIIC, page 53, Basic of AIIC, pages 121-124 and PMTT, Chapter 8

      • Reading Anatomy- Basic AIIC, pages 25-47 and PMTT, pages 19-44 and 89-114

      • Reading Skin Types and Color Theory- TMB, Chapter 5, Hands on of AIIC, pages 1-5 & 13-25 and PMTT, Chapter 3

  • Sept 20th and 21st- Science & Business with Abbey

    • 20th 9-5- History of PMU, Microbiology, Sanitation, Equipment Basics, Business Standards, NM Laws and Procedures, Homework review

    ➡️ Homework: Complete Homework Assignment (1)

    • 21st 1:30-6- Anatomy, Consultations, Skin Types and Color Theory, Pigments and Numbing Creams, Homework review

    ➡️ Homework: Complete Homework Assignment (2)

    • Reading Micoblading basics- TMB, Chapters 1, 8,9,11

    • Reading Hands on of AIIC, pages 26-31

    • Reading Powder Brows- AIIC, pages 113-118

    • Reading Eyeliner and Lips- PMTT, pages 39-42, 122-128 and Chapter 6 and 7, Basic AIIC, 93-111 and Hands on AIIC, pages 6-12, 26-38 and page 45

  • Sept 24th, 26th & 27th- Brows, Lips & Liner mapping, color & technique- 10-3

    • 24th- History & Styles, Procedure & Equipment, Eyeliner Mapping, Lip Mapping, Do's & Don'ts

    ➡️ Homework: Complete Homework Assignment (3)

    • 26th- Brow Mapping, Mapping on a Model (Please bring a friend at 12pm), Color & Pigment Review

    ➡️ Homework: Complete Homework Assignment (4)

    • 27th- Eyeliner Technique, Lip Technique, Shaded Brow Technique, Microblade Technique, Homework review

    ➡️ Homework: Complete Homework Assignment (5)

    ➡️ Homework: Due at Final Evaluation (must be completed for graduation)

    • Eyeliner Skins

    • Lips Skins

    • Microbladed Skin

    • Powder Brows Skin

    • Homework

  • October 3rd & 4th- Observation with Cindy- 10-3

  • October 10th & 11th- Models to be scheduled

  • October 14th & 15th- Final Evaluation and Graduation ➡️ (all skins due and models complete)

Sept 9th class (dates subject to change)

  • September 12th & 13th- Orientation and Observation with Cindy- 10-3

  • September 20th & 21st- Science & Business with Abbey- 9-3

  • September 24th, 26th & 27th- Brows, Lips & Liner mapping, color & technique- 10-3

  • October 3rd & 4th- Observation with Cindy- 10-3

  • October 10th & 11th- Models to be scheduled

  • October 14th & 15th- Final Evaluation and Graduation

November 4th class (dates subject to change)

  • November 7th & 8th- Orientation and Observation with Cindy- 10-3

  • November 12th, 14th & 17th- Brows, Lips & Liner mapping, color & technique- 10-3

  • November 21st & 22nd- Observation with Cindy- 10-3

  • November 26th & 27th- Science & Business with Abbey- 9-3

  • December 5th & 6th- Models to be scheduled

  • December 12th & 13th- Final Evaluation and Graduation